This Ugly Weed Wants to Take Over Your Yard

This Ugly Weed Wants to Take Over Your Yard

Learn how to fight back against broadleaf plantain in Albany, NY

t grows in sidewalk cracks, along driveways and anywhere there's soil and sunshine. Broadleaf plantain is a nuisance to property owners in Albany, NY. Cedar Tree Properties LLC can help you take back control of your lawn from this invasive perennial weed.

Our team has extensive weed removal experience and knows how to keep broadleaf plantain from returning. Request a free weed control estimate today.

Is that broadleaf plantain?

Broadleaf plantain is infamous for its...

  • Dark green oval leaves
  • Tall leafless stalks
  • Tiny flowers

If you notice weeds with similar features growing in your yard, reach out to our Albany, NY lawn care company. We can discuss ways to get rid of stubborn weeds and keep your lawn looking beautiful year after year.

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