Are Dandelions Taking Over Your Yard?

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Cedar Tree Properties provides reliable lawn care services Albany, NY and the surrounding Capital District area. Our experienced team is qualified to tackle any weed infestation including dandelions. A dandelion is a weed with leaves that are lanced shaped and lobed. Dandelions can also be easily identified by their yellow flowers.

If you've noticed that your Albany, New York area lawn is dandelions growing in it then you can contact our lawn care company to learn more about our weed removal services. The first step in treating any weed problem is understanding the life cycle of the weed. The dandelion weed grows from seeds. Due to this you tend to see an abundance of dandelions in the spring. This flower is a perennial meaning it dies back in the winter. During this time the weed's root live underground.

What are your weed control services?

What are your weed control services?

We provide two types of weed control services to homeowners and business owners across the Albany, New York area. Our preventative weed control service prevents weeds from growing. This treatment is referred to as preemergent weed control service. It must be applied before the seeds germinate. If you already have dandelions growing then we can use our posstemergnt weed control method. This weed control method is applied to existing weeds and will slowly stop the weed from growing.

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