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Are you tired of opening up your closet every season to find that the clothes you stored away have holes in them? It's time for you to contact a trustworthy pest control company to treat your moth problem.

Cedar Tree Properties of Albany, New York has an experienced team of pest control technicians that can rid your home of a clothes moth infestation. We'll also take the time to provide you with tips to avoid another infestation in the future.

How do clothes moths survive?

How do clothes moths survive?

Clothes moths primarily feed on common fibers that are found in clothing, blankets, and upholstery such as:


While there are DIY options for clothes moth removal those solutions don't treat the infestation at the source. In order to completely rid your home of clothes moths you should contact a professional pest control company. Contact our Albany, New York office today to learn more about our clothes moth pest control services!