Is Ground Ivy Covering Your Property?

Is Ground Ivy Covering Your Property?

We can get rid of glechoma hederacea in Albany, NY and surrounding areas

You've tried to fight this invasive, flowery plant time and time again. No matter what you do, it just keeps spreading.

Cedar Tree Properties LLC can stop it in Albany, NY and neighboring areas. Unlike big box companies that don't know the local flora, we're familiar with glechoma hederacea. They can't get rid of this invasive member of the mint family, but we can. We've been removing it from local residential and commercial properties since 1997.

You can count on our powerful glechoma hederacea treatment. Our lawn care company uses a specialized treatment to get rid of this weed completely, including its fast-spreading roots. Call 518-649-9040 now for a free estimate from an experienced pro.

Find out more about an aggressive weed

Glechoma hederacea spreads quickly on all kinds of property, especially on lawns. You might know it by other names like ground ivy or gill-over-the-ground.

You can identify it by:

  • Inch-wide, scalloped leaves
  • Pleasant, minty scent
  • Small, blue or purple flowers
When you see this plant, reach out to our experienced lawn care company right away. We'll end the invasion.