Have Moles Taken Over Your Lawn?

Have Moles Taken Over Your Lawn?

Learn more about how to prevent mole mounds from damaging your lawn

With the warmer temperatures we are experiencing our seasons first snowfall is melting away giving us a chance to get a glimpse of our lawns again.

This time of year, it is somewhat common to see signs of mole activity.

Moles feed on things that live in your soil, primarily earth worms and are very timid rodents. The often hide in parts of our properties that are not frequented by humans such as a tree line, planting bed, or under decks. Because human activity on the lawn is much less in the winter moles will venture into the lawn.

The good news is that their tunneling does help to aerify the soil and promote healthy turf roots. The tunneling that they do does not result in permeant damage. However, when they make mounds like the ones in the picture damage can occur if no action is taken.

To prevent the mounds from causing damage to the lawn simply rake the dirt mounds flat as soon as you see them. In extreme cases Cedar Tree Properties can assist in reducing their damage.