Protect Your Home From Dangerous Insects

Protect Your Home From Dangerous Insects

We provide tick and mosquito control in Albany, NY and the surrounding Capital District area

Ticks are not just annoying. Some of them can be carriers of ailments like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Since they can't fly, they lie in wait to latch (and feed) on animals, pets, and people who wander by.

We'll treat the perimeter and plants on your property with the best natural and synthetic products available. It not only provides tick control, but can also help control mosquitoes. This will help protect your family and pets from these unwanted pests.

For tick control at your Albany, NY home, rely on Cedar Tree Properties LLC. Speak with us today to discuss your needs.

We also provide mosquito control services

Just as dangerous as ticks, mosquitos can carry all kinds of diseases. These insects breed well in damp areas and can grow in number very rapidly. Without proper mosquito control, you could end up with nests all around your property. Cedar Tree Properties has the tools and knowledge required to apply safe mosquito control techniques, leaving you with a healthy home.

Talk to us today about getting mosquito control services for your property.