Protect Your Lawn from Snow Mold

Protect Your Lawn from Snow Mold

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Did you know that your lawn could get a disease called snow mold? You might be thinking, "What? Are you making this up?" The short answer is no. You aren't alone when it comes to understanding snow mold, how it develops, and how to treat it. Over the years our lawn company has found that most homeowners across the Albany, New York area aren't aware of the potential hazards snow can cause on a lawn until it happens to them.

Snow mold is common in areas of the country that experience long periods of freezing temperatures and snow cover.

How does snow mold grow?

Snow mold is caused by fungus that grows beneath the snow cover in the late winter when the temperatures beneath snow cover range from slightly below freezing to the mid-forties. When temperatures start to warm up in spring then the snow cover will begin to melt. At this point in time active fungal infections will continue to thrive and spread until surfaces dry out or temperatures are steadily above the mid-forties.

Types of snow mold and treatment

There are two types of snow mold:

1)Grey snow mold
2)Pink snow mold

It is important that your snow mold is properly identified by an experienced lawn technician as the course of treatments vary. Contact our lawn care company to learn more about our snow mold treatment options!